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Bat control of Iowa is the most reliable and trusty bat exterminator in Adel IA. Our many years of experience and our deep knowledge about bat behavior made us the number one bat control company in the business. Our pest control service is the right one you need.

You provide high quality bat control services and I highly recommend you to anyone!

Jan 15, 2013 by Kevin H.

You provide high quality bat control services and I highly recommend you to anyone!
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Bat control of Iowa
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bat controlIn order to understand how to control or get rid of bats, you have to be familiar with their biology. Attempts to remove or exterminate bats by inexperienced people may end up with serious repercussions for the people or the bats. When you encounter such problems, make sure you call a reliable exterminator like Bat control of Iowa.

Bats have been a serious issue in Iowa for the past decade as they multiply and expand rapidly. We have faced many situations when bats have entered the living space of a home, causing panic and stress among the inhabitants. Usually the average homeowner has no idea how to react in such situations and that is why we provide a 24/7 emergency service, to make sure we safely remove the bats from your home in an efficient and timely manner, before the situation gets worse. Our bat control methods are developed based on years of experience and education, and they ensure the best result in a matter of hours.

bat exterminatorIn many states, bats are legally protected so it is important to understand that anything but releasing the bats may be a violation of state law. Here, at Bat control of Iowa, we are proud of our bat control methods. They are safe and harmless for the bats as well as for the building inhabitants.

Bats usually come into the house by accident. Whether they are attracted by the warmth of your home’s interior or by the light inside the house, one thing is certain, they have no intention of harming people. But once they are in, they panic as they can’t find their way out and may create a hazard. In order to prevent this from happening, hire a reliable exterminator to thoroughly inspect your home and property. The best way to prevent bats from entering your home is to find their roost and remove them in the beginning.

We have experience in safely removing entire colonies of bats from people’s property. Our techniques are humane and effective. For instance, if we find bats in your attic, we will install a specially designed one way bat-tube. This device will allow bats to fly away, in the evenings, for feeding but will obstruct their entry when they return. Not many pest control companies use this method, but this way, the bats will be forced to find another place to live in. Our methods have proved to be impeccable and efficient, and that is why we are known as the most reliable bat exterminator in Adel IA.

If you have a bat problem or you just want to make sure your property is bat free, call (515) 669-9652. Our knowledge and experience have made us the leading bat exterminator in the area.

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